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Natalie Talis

Natalie Talis, MPH, is the Population Health Manager for the Alexandria Health Department. In this role, she works with residents and community partners to identify local health issues, and develop policy and system solutions with equity at the center. During the COVID response, she also serves as the Health Department’s Public Information Officer, leading communications and outreach efforts.
Natalie is passionate about fixing systemic problems at the root cause—even if it’s hard—rather than just using temporary, feel-good band-aids. She has a background in community organizing, advocating for local, state, and federal policy, and building coalitions.
She received her bachelor’s degree in French from John Carroll University, and her master’s in public health, concentrating in health policy, from George Washington University.
Natalie lives in the West End of Alexandria with her husband and two cats.


Natalie Talis
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