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Enriching Lives


About SRG

Mission and Purpose

The Social Responsibility Group is an advocate for the success of disenfranchised and marginalized residents in Alexandria and surrounding communities. Our mission is to bring viable services to the underserved and represent their voices when decisions impacting their well-being and communities are being made.


To fulfill our mission we employ the following three strategies:


  1. Partnerships


  1. Social Media / Marketing


  1. Community Events


An important initiative for SRG is to have a seat at the table of City officials and policymakers when decisions affecting our core constituency are being made and to influence high level decision making in supporting the success of the marginalized and disadvantaged against institutional, systemic, and structural racism.


Another initiative of SRG is to support the City of Alexandria’s minority-owned business communities. Minority-owned businesses in Alexandria and surrounding communities have experienced the effects of COVID-19 in a more intense or severe way due to coronavirus related restrictions and shutdowns. For example, Business Owners of Color have less access to capital. Minority owned businesses are less financially equipped to weather an economic downturn or suspend business operations and remain solvent.

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