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Lou Whiting

The Pastor and Founder of My Father’s House Christian Church International located in Alexandria Virginia. Founded in January 2001 with approximately eight members and has experienced all of the dynamics of Church growth and Leadership development. The International component was added in February 2007. Two local branches under the banner of My Father’s House Christian Church were established in Liberia, West Africa.
He is the husband of Pastor Sheila and has been married for thirty six years, the father to three children, father in law to one; and seven grand-children.
Pastor Lou believes that the local Church has the solution to the world’s problems. That Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and has given gifts to men such as “yourselves” to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth.
A Teacher of the Gospel with the ability to make it simple and easy to understand; his assignment is to make ready and prepared for the Lord, a body of believers, in the principles of Faith, Hope and Love.
Bless that, “Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful name of JESUS!!!


Lou Whiting
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