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The friends and partners of the Social Responsibility Group located in the City of Alexandria, Virginia would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to you for your donation(s) and in-kind participation in the mission and strategies of the SRG. One of our main goals is to ensure that those who have been  marginalized and disenfranchised are provided opportunities to develop and succeed so that they too can be inspired to live the American dream. 


We believe that every act of kindness towards the mission and vision of the Social Responsibility Group builds on the foundation of livable and equitable communities, enriching lives, and transforms communities.


Your participation represents an investment into the life and soul of the City of Alexandria’s rich heritage and culture. 


All donations and in-kind gifts are tax deductible. The Social Responsibility Group is a not for profit 501(C)(3) Organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.

In His Service,

Pastor Lou Whiting, President

Social Responsibility Group

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